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Our Ambra Esclusiva in a more compact form thanks to the closed enclosure concept. The audiophile concept fits perfectly in smaller spaces and atypical positions near walls, in bookshelves and other situations where bassreflex might be causing problems. Handmade enclosures are avaiable in six luxurious finishes and made of solid oak wood with excellent rigidity, their organic shapes easily fit into any interior.

Corallo Esclusivo is fitted exclusively with AudioBarletta drivers that are designed and manufactured by us in Italy for use in this model. Sophisticated frequency crossover with drivers in serial connection thanks to Fase Zero topology uses premium components from Jantzen and Mundorf and ensures precise phasing of both drivers for perfect coherence and focused listening.

We preserved the aesthetic and sophisticated refinement of the Ambra Esclusiva, but moved the sound closer to the ideal of audiophile authenticity, where Corallo Esclusivo mixes the precision of the performance with musical richness. Wojtek Pacula, High Fidelity — If you like your listening to be intimate and enthralling the Corallo Esclusivo is a real treat. Trevor Butler, the ear — They are easy to drive, have a decent frequency response, handle most music types well and create a sonic sensation that is such a joy to listen to.

Performers were not forced into my lap in what is a so-annoying trait of some speakers, but the listener enjoys a well-balanced performance which appears natural and unforced.

What is there not to like about them. Best of all, they come in a compact package at an affordable price. I would happily live with these speakers, and that is probably the highest endorsement a reviewer can give. Review online EN. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Corallo Esclusivo. EXCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS: custom-designed AudioBarletta drivers made in Italy hand-made and extremely rigid construction of solid oak cabinets exceptional full-bodied and vibrant sound organic shapes on a compact footprint, suitable for any space six finishes to choose from sealed enclosure for easy placement drivers connected in series with Fase Zero topology premium audio components by Mundorf precise internal damping system with complementary materials.

Description Additional Information Reviews 5 Our Ambra Esclusiva in a more compact form thanks to the closed enclosure concept. Add a review Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Esegue un'operazione con OR esclusivo bit per bit tra due valori integer. Performs a bitwise exclusive OR operation between two integer values.

Is any valid expression of any one of the data types of the integer data type category, or the bitor the binary or varbinary data types. Only one expression can be of either binary or varbinary data type in a bitwise operation. The bits in the result are set to 1 if either but not both bits for the current bit being resolved in the input expressions have a value of 1.

If both bits are 0 or both bits are 1, the bit in the result is cleared to a value of 0.

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If the left and right expressions have different integer data types for example, the left expression is smallint and the right expression is intthe argument of the smaller data type is converted to the larger data type. In questo caso il tipo expression smallint viene convertito in int. In this case, the smallint expression is converted to an int. Nell'esempio seguente viene creata una tabella che usa il tipo di dati int per archiviare i valori originali e vengono inseriti due valori in una sola riga.

The following example creates a table using the int data type to store the original values and inserts two values into one row. Set di risultati: Here is the result set:.

L'esecuzione dell'operazione con OR esclusivo bit per bit su questi due valori genera il risultato binarioche corrisponde al valore decimale Performing the bitwise exclusive OR operation on these two values produces the binary resultwhich is decimal Ignora e passa al contenuto principale.

Leggere in inglese.

Review: Xavian Premio (Esclusivo) Speakers

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The negation of XOR is logical biconditionalwhich outputs true only when the two inputs are the same. It gains the name "exclusive or" because the meaning of "or" is ambiguous when both operands are true; the exclusive or operator excludes that case.

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Exclusive disjunction essentially means 'either one, but not both nor none'. In other words, the statement is true if and only if one is true and the other is false. For example, if two horses are racing, then one of the two will win the race, but not both of them. A proof of this identity is given below:. This equivalence can be established by applying De Morgan's laws twice to the fourth line of the above proof. The exclusive or is also equivalent to the negation of a logical biconditionalby the rules of material implication a material conditional is equivalent to the disjunction of the negation of its antecedent and its consequence and material equivalence.

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However, the " barber paradox "—Everybody in town shaves himself or is shaved by the barber, who shaves the barber? The symbol used for exclusive disjunction varies from one field of application to the next, and even depends on the properties being emphasized in a given context of discussion. In addition to the abbreviation "XOR", any of the following symbols may also be seen:.

Lastrico solare di proprietà esclusiva, come fare la manutenzione

If using binary values for true 1 and false 0then exclusive or works exactly like addition modulo 2. On some computer architectures, it is more efficient to store a zero in a register by XOR-ing the register with itself bits XOR-ed with themselves are always zero instead of loading and storing the value zero. In simple threshold activated neural networksmodeling the XOR function requires a second layer because XOR is not a linearly separable function.


Exclusive-or is sometimes used as a simple mixing function in cryptographyfor example, with one-time pad or Feistel network systems. Similarly, XOR can be used in generating entropy pools for hardware random number generators.Disclosure: These speakers were reviewed while on loan from their importer and Canadian retailer, Noam Bronstein, at Stereo Untypical.

Having said that, I should also mention that I will definitely miss them when they return to Stereo Untypical. Verdict: These are terrific speakers for medium to larger sized rooms. When positioned in a room with lots of open space they will delightfully surprise you by delivering a wide and full soundstage that envelops the whole room in organic and coherent sound.

Their forte is rhythmic drive and pace. My body is moving and my legs are bobbing up and down with the beat. My mind is racing; what will I play next? It has got to be some danceable music; something wiith a strong rhythmic drive.

Corallo Esclusivo

M People — that is perfect. I am up and dancing and this is me — a 73 year old guy! I think again — hell, yes — Chubby Checker has to be next. Can stereo speakers actually be fun? I think so. The audiophile world is generally a pretty sober place with lots of anal-like OCD and repression wafting around the corridors. I get that and have to fight my own OCD like a plague. All the more reason I think to be surprised when a speaker comes along that just puts a large dollop of fun in your life and a big smile on your face.

These are two way stand mount speakers that are sold with matching integrated stands as an extra option.

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The speaker is bolted firmly to the stand. They are front ported and made of solid dense oak wood. Each pair is made to order. They are made in Prague, Czech Republic, employing old world cabinetry and craftsmanship and are designed by an Italian audio engineer, Roberto Barletta.

Their cabinet dimensions are X X mm rendering them a gross volume of less than twenty litres. They are rated at eight ohms impedance and are 87 db efficient. Further technical information is available at the end of this review. Two way speaker designs present a series of routine challenges to any designer. I like to see what designers come up with to meet that challenge and therefore I far prefer two way stand mount designs to other configurations. This is not to say that they are inherently better than other speaker configurations, but only that I understand the issues a two way designer faces more completely.

To date, the Xavian Perla speakers, a smaller Xavian two way design, has been reviewed favourably by no less than nine publications. So the purpose of this review is to shed some needed light on the larger Premios and hopefully restore some balance in the face of all the press attention being paid to the Perlas.

First off, these are quite heavy and exceptionally sturdy speakers.Iscriviti alla newsletter per ricevere le utlime notizie sulla tua squadra. Iscriviti alla newsletterinserisci la tua squadra del cuore e la tua e-mail, resta aggiornato sulle ultime notizie!

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