Mori seiki atc not in home position

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Mori seiki atc not in home position

Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name? Atc and home problems!! Fanuc oi mc. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Fanuc oi mcPM. Hello there, I lost air during a tool change and the cup still down. As I was trying reset the problem, I lost electricity. Now, if I go to MDI to try to fix the atc recovery, the machines requires homing.

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Now, The problem is that when I try to home it, it won't do anything!. The homing light won even lid Does anyone have any idea of what I should be doing?

Thanks much! Tags: None. Re: Atc and home problems!! Fanuc oi mc It is something like a vicious circle, the unsynchronized ATC wont let you move the axis and the axis won't home because the ATC is not at its start position. To fix that you have to carefully override the ATC valves in the appropiate order until it gets to the start position or to the beginning of the step it was performing before the air was lost.We are making things easier for you, auction specific shipping information coming soon.

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Loaded with static tool holders. Additionally, it incorporates C, 4, RPM, 12 Sta. We recently purchased this machine for stock and it will be arriving on our floor shortly. Nice machine that has been maintained. It has the MSC control on it with touch screen and conversati Note: Collet Chuck Not Incl MSX, 2. Celos, 3. Request a Quote.

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Added to Request list. CNC Lathes. Request More Info. Requests to be Sent 0 Click to Finish. At Auction 10 Back false. At Auction Back By Country. Canada 1. Denmark 1. Estonia 1. France 5. Germany 5. India 3. Italy 4. Netherlands 1. Singapore 2. Spain 1. Taiwan 5.

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mori seiki atc not in home position

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mori seiki atc not in home position

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Ref :. View Video. Print Specs Share Page Category. Product Specifications.Facebook Group. Share your CNC information? Macro programs Suggestions or comments? Buy Quality Bearings at a great price? Need Proximity Tester?

Fanuc Yaskawa Daito Fuses. Megger for testing Servo motors. Crash - causes motor coupling to slip or drive miscalculate position. Chips piled in area of deceleration dog switched machines only. Zero return switch switched machines only - If Limit switch-does it move freely clean it If prox switch, then wipe chips off Face. Backup Battery needs replacement keeps encoder position when power is shut off Warning Most machines require replacement with power up.

One revolution pulse on the encoder happens to be really close to the drop off point of the decel dog Switched machines only. After initial power up. Then perform zero return. Do the axes decelerate in the end when you zero return this machine?

If Yes you have zero return decel switches. If No you have absolute encoders no decel switches. Check that it is hitting the decel dog properly. Keep in mind if you move switch or dog your zero return position will change and you may need to do a gridshift.

If its a limit switch push the plunger to see if its sticky clean with WD40 if necessary. If ok then check the Prox or limit switch for power to and from switches with a meter, Make sure you are not testing hard overtravel limit switches instead of zero switch. Also check if there is any conditions that must be satisfied to be able to zero return? Does the axis need to be in a certain area? If the CNC is crashed something slips or loss of power while its machining.

The CNC control can get goofed up. Power down then back up and zero return and see if it corrects itself. If not you may have to reset it. If it does not decel it is not seeing the limit switch.

Check the power and input diagnostic in the control by putting metal in front of the prox or activating the limit switch. NOTE: Remember switched machines after the initial zero return. Will not recalculate the zero return again unless the power is turned completely off at main breaker then back on.

mori seiki atc not in home position

Only then it will recalculate the zero return. Also Keep in mind if you move switch or dog your zero return position will change and you may need to do a gridshift. Once the zero return is set, that's it. You must reset it through a procedure to reset it. Some controls are fooled if the axis is moving when the power is off or loss of power while its machining.

NOTE:Do not disconnect encoder cable from drive to check connections unless you know how to reset zero return. You will loose zero return position if it is set. There are 3 ways to get by this in order to complete the zero return.If you need any further assistance, please give us a call at to speak with one of our experienced salesman.

Since we are a full used CNC dealership service, we can provide financing options, rigging, and trucking quotes. Our in-house service department reconditions and repairs all types of used CNC machinery. We can provide top dollars for your used CNC equipment or outright purchase.

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mori seiki atc not in home position

Visit them to find out more:. Search By Keyword.

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