Odroid h2 proxmox

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Odroid h2 proxmox

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Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Odroid H2 Proxmox host. Thread starter blood Start date Dec 10, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

Apr 20, 42 14 8 I received an Odroid H2 system last week and have it stood up with Proxmox on it. I bought this system so that I could consolidate some virtualization functions onto it with the intent of powering down a few other systems that consume more power. One big thing I wanted to get was hardware transcoding for Plex as I had been relying purely on software previously and had some trouble with reliable playback at times.

Stuff was a bit scattered and inconsistent - though I got it all working so all is forgiven. For instance, there's a section for NVMe and it doesn't show my drive - yet I can select it in the boot screen and it works fine functionally past that. There isn't an option for "legacy boot", which meant that I couldn't boot the Proxmox installer, so I tossed Debian Stretch on there with UEFI and then followed the procedure for laying down Proxmox on top of it.

It's all working well now. Proxmox needs to add support for UEFI. Seriously The NICs are Realtek which kinda made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, but when I sloshed over a few TB of data to it with rsync, the transfer was bouncing off the 1gbps redline, so I suppose this is alright I'm surprised the HDD could sustain this, but it did.

The first thing I tested out was whether I could get hardware accelerated transcoding working with Plex in a container, and I'm delighted to say that it works well so far. The userland wasn't new enough for vainfo to detect anything unfortunately, but I configured an Ubuntu It is able to smoothly stream p movies to devices on the LAN and to some WAN clients that required transcoding without skipping a beat, verifying that all streams that weren't played directly were transcoded fully in hardware.

I need to finish migrating a bunch of containers to it now but it seems to be more than capable of performing duties of the always-on infrastructure services for my house. Enough CPU to run light server duty? Check Access to fast storage? Check Access to bulk storage?


Check Quick Sync video? Check Low power? Check I need to pick up a fan for it as I didn't realize when I bought it that it isn't a standard 4pin header as while it's not overheating, I'd like to keep it cool. It was reasonably low power, but really felt weak these days. I liked this box except I wish it had more smaller PCIe slots for expansion.Technical and DIY. In my last article on running Roon Server on the ODroid H2I initially spent some time worrying about whether this little computer would be powerful enough for Roon.

It turned out to be just fine. That led me to wonder whether I could virtualize Roon Server. The most obvious benefit of server virtualization is that a shared physical box can be used to run services that might otherwise each demand a dedicated machine.

Overall, we need less hardware and get better resource efficiency. Another benefit is hardware independence. That will be covered in a follow-up article.

Once you have a virtualization server, it also becomes easier to experiment. Either consumes a low amount of power, with the H2 typically consuming a bit less when both are running the same load. It combines several Linux technologies and adds a nice web interface. Follow the instructions on the installation page to set up your server with it. The PVE configuration interface is accessed through a web browser.

In my case, I gave it the hostname proxmox1. The first to-do item for a new PVE installation is to update apt sources as per this section of the PVE documentation. The last command is for temperature monitoring. Enable it with:. The graphs in this article come from Netdata. Download Ubuntu Server. Click on the Create VM button. Use the following parameters, leaving others at the defaults:. Set this higher for a very large library.Very powerful x86 64bit single board computer with large memory capacity and advanced IO ports.

Once the configuration is stored into the backup memory in the SoC, it boots quickly. If you disconnect the backup coin battery for a while, you will meet the very slow booting process again.

We will release an instruction early December You are here odroid-h2. Trace odroid-h2. Connect the backup battery to the board. For best performance, install two identical memory cards of the same capacity. Connect any additional peripherals such as a display monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Only USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse are supported. Operating system support is required for dual display use.

For more detailed installation requirements, please refer to the hardware specification. You can set hardware configuration options and save them. The BIOS settings will be maintained until the backup battery is disconnected or discharged. The very first booting process might take a couple of minutes in the worst case.

This implies that you must purchase the license of the operating system you wish to install or download a free operating system such as Debian or Ubuntu. Installation media will need to be created using another computer and the appropriate software.

odroid h2 proxmox

This section assumes that you will install an operating system from a USB stick and are going to burn an operating system image to the USB stick on another computer. Before burning an installation image, you must have the image as a file on your computer.

If not, you must purchase or download the image from the provider. For example, you can download the Ubuntu image from Official Canonical Ubuntu images.

We tested Ubuntu Ubuntu Etcher selects a USB stick to flash automatically.

odroid h2 proxmox

Therefore, you may also need to contact the operating system provider if you encounter any installation failures. After installing an operating system is completed, the operating system will eventually ask you to remove the installation media from the ODROID-H2 and reboot. On the next boot, if everything is fine, the operating system you have installed will appear. These storage devices can be connected to the ODROID-H2 at the same time and an operating system can be installed and select to use during booting.

One is slower or faster than others because of the different hardware bus or interface specifications.From JuneRev-B board will be shipped. The improvements are as below. Ubuntu Download the OS image from official Ubuntu homepage.

RTC Backup Battery. WiFi Module 5A. WiFi Module 0. WiFi Module 3. Bluetooth Module 2. LED Power Button.

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WiFi Module 4. HDMI 1. Weather Board 2. Ethernet Cable CAT6. Tripod mount for oCam camera. Ethernet Cable Cat 6 Flat. USB Audio Adapter. WiFi Module 5. Expansion Board. CloudShell 2 for XU4. Universal Motion Joypad. Cooling Fan U2. CloudShell for XU4. Level Shifter : 5V to 3. Xprotolab Plain. Step up DC-DC. Smart Power. Obsolete Products. Product added! Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist! Quick View. Add to cart. Connectivity WiFi Module 5A. Connectivity WiFi Module 0.

Memories USB3. Obsolete Products WiFi Module 3. Read more.Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity.

ODROID-H2 Part 2: Bios Features and Remote Access

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Jul 1, 7 3 3 I was unable to install directly from the proxmox ISO as there was no network interface detected I thought that with the new 5. So I tried loading up Debian Buster and getting that installed.

I am able to install proxmox and load the webpage. When I log in and create a virtual bridge, it fails to apply configuration and I need to reboot to apply changes. Any suggestions on how to get this bad boy up and working?The Main setup menu appears when you press the "Delete" key in the boot process.

Figure 1 - Main setup menu. Figure 2 - Advanced setup menu. This is the Boot configuration menu that allows you to choose a boot media. You can access them at the same time from the OS. Figure 3 - Boot configuration menu.

You can change the boot priority in the Boot menu, or press F7 to temporarily choose the boot media in the boot process.

Building the perfect Proxmox VE server

Figure 4 - Change boot priority. You can activate the WoL function on the command line. Your access is limited to the Docker container in Ubuntu Figure 7 - Docker for Ubuntu Still, you can run a bunch of system commands with root privileges and grab the hardware information. You can even run a benchmark tool, but the score will be very close or slightly lower to the one tested on the native environment since your access is in the container.

Figure 8 - Running benchmarks. You must be logged in to post a comment. Facebook Reddit. Latest News. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.Privacy Terms.

Quick links. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Last edited by n2qcn on Sat Dec 01, pm, edited 2 times in total.

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I have tried the medium on another PC - there it works. Only on H2 it only shows me a black screen with the dash in the upper left corner. So can you please give me the advice how you setup your install medium? Thank you! It boots and runs normally, but installs a broken grub2.

How is the H2 working for your needs on this? Or does it remain stable?

odroid h2 proxmox

When all is done this is probably not the most cost effective way to go but its a great environment for experimenting with clusters. Now if HK could get get some love from Intel to re-stock the store Code: Select all update-grub ; grub-install ; update-initramfs -u. Code: Select all grub-install --removable. If you want to write something to the hidden boot blocks in the eMMC, you need to unlock it first probably.

We tested it on other ARM boards only. The official image won't boot I have no sata drives attached and wanted to install to mmc. The installer rejects to install on 8gb mmc. With a 16gb mmc I get "proxmox unable to get device for partition".

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So no luck for me. I suppose this is the easiest way to install proxmox for now. Trying again. The advantages are: 1 replication every 15mins of containers between nodes 2 snapshot based vmdumps 3 several boot configs for rollbacks 4 sparse VM disk images. The NICs are so unstable the H2 is effectively unusable. If you're running ceph without a problem then it seems unlikely the NICs are the root of my problem.

Ordering replacements today this time utilizing the confirmed modules page. If testing supports my theory, it will be the most subtle and elusive RAM problem I've ever seen. I was getting a lot of dropped packets on mine, turned out to be an upstream switch i. The RAM. I purchase another set, this time from the confirmed modules list.

Still, this one is just baffling. Makes me suspect a tweak in the BIOS code could allow my previous modules to work. IP interference. I didn't realize I had another device already assigned to an IP on one of my storage subnets. That's a little embarassing. All errors cleared right up.


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